Mrs Williams, Wellingborough

posted 25 Aug 2016, 11:00 by Tim Elliston

It has been so beneficial to have repeated the course with Tim. The additional repetition and reflection has enabled me to look again at areas of my life that could and have benefited from meditation and the bringing in of mindfulness.

S Mckean, Corby

posted 25 Aug 2016, 11:00 by Tim Elliston

This course will stay with me forever! What I have learnt and hopefully will remember, I will be using meditation every day to benefit and help myself. I would encourage anybody to attend this mindfulness programme, including young people and children. I cannot thank Tim & The Happy Starfish enough for the new ways of coping I have been taught.

Mr J Ray, London

posted 17 Aug 2016, 02:28 by Tim Elliston   [ updated 17 Aug 2016, 02:28 ]

I work in a very high pressure job and suffer with stress and anxiety. I was recommended to try Mindfulness & found this course which I could take via Skype. The 8 weeks have been enlightening and have made an amazingly positive change in my life. The things I have learnt are helping me manage the stress point in my life and I am finding the process of being mindful although strange in the beginning, becoming second nature now the more I practice. Even a little a day helps greatly. Thank you. :)

Mrs Y Fielding

posted 17 Aug 2016, 02:22 by Tim Elliston   [ updated 25 Aug 2016, 11:01 ]

I have put up with feeling quite frankly rubbish for so many years, I thought I would give something alternative a try. I have been amazed at the difference taking a few Tama-Do sessions with Tim has made to my well-being. It is such a relaxing a gentle treatment and the process seems to have shifted something to a point I feel brighter, have more energy. 

Mrs J Bultin, Kettering

posted 16 Aug 2016, 14:21 by Tim Elliston

The course has been a real eye opener. It has changed my whole well being dramatically for the good. This experience has taught me to live for and in the moment, to enjoy the present, to never again dwell on the past and to let go of negative thoughts. I now know that my thoughts are not the truth and this allows me to forgive myself and make time for myself. I can not thank you enough Tim.

Mrs J J, Wellingborough

posted 11 Aug 2016, 02:18 by Tim Elliston

I came to the mindfulness course with an open mind, however I did not expect the course to pin point so accurately the type of person I am and I was quite shocked by that, but in a good way. It was so enlightening to learn to understand myself, how I operate and to be given ways to change my perceptions and manage stressful situations.

The strategies and meditations have helped me relax too, I have come to realise the benefits they give me and that I must make the time to practice regularly. I would love to repeat this class in the future to enable me to deepen my practice.

Mr D Scott

posted 8 Aug 2016, 09:45 by Tim Elliston   [ updated 8 Aug 2016, 11:15 ]

Tim is an excellent leader and coach. Wonderful ability to compare and guide the conversation within the group and bring out individuals needs and strengths. 

This course has enabled me to really live in the moment and enjoy the present. It has surprised me who much in the past I was dwelling. I can now deal with unpleasant situations in a logical way, giving me control of my life, thoughts and gives me times of relaxation.

I have been given so many tools for having  worthwhile and meaningful life from now on. Thank you.

Bevely, Wellingborough

posted 8 Aug 2016, 06:50 by Tim Elliston

Reflecting on the course, I have found that it has helped me greatly with my stress levels. It is really useful in day to day life, mindfulness has quite easily become a solid foundation which I can work with to enjoy life more when things are good and to get me through the hard times much easier. The different meditations are so lovely to do.

Mr John S, Corby

posted 8 Aug 2016, 02:06 by Tim Elliston   [ updated 8 Aug 2016, 09:33 ]

Having completed the mindfulness course with Tim, I feel my life has really changed and I feel in control even though the course has taught me to let go of the need to control by just allowing things to be how they are. It gives me a start in my day and I am able to relax for the first time in years. I am finding my mind is clearer and the feeling of happiness I now have is fantastic. My wife says that I am much better in mood and in getting things done.

Miss KM - Corby

posted 1 Jul 2016, 00:17 by Tim Elliston

Doing the Mindfulness course has given me very good tools to help catch my negative train of thoughts whenever they occur and to support me in feeling better about myself.

I have realised that my mindfulness practice is a great day to day tool for living that I can use it to improve my life in many ways. I find the information and tools i have been given very inspiring, as has been meeting the others in the group.

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