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Julie, Market Harborough

posted 1 Apr 2014, 02:33 by Tim Elliston   [ updated 25 Oct 2014, 14:55 ]
I approached Tama-do not knowing what it was about or what benefits it would give.  That all melted away after my first treatment with Tim, when I had my first good night’s sleep in a few years.  After several more treatments, and everything became balanced out, I physically felt calmer, more free, in that I felt my aura was actually clear.  

I initially went to Tamado as a way of helping me to de-stress and relax, and it worked.  The colours, the sound, the smells; all beautiful, and all done by a qualified professional.  I continue to receive session from Tim as I find they really help me work better and enjoy life more. I would highly recommend this treatment to anyone.