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Katharine, Kettering

posted 13 Aug 2014, 01:43 by Tim Elliston   [ updated 30 May 2015, 12:06 ]
I found Tama Do practitioner Tim Elliston through the Oxford Street Center in Wellingborough at a time when I recognised the signs of slipping into depression and felt the need for a little help.

Tim was very calm and put me at ease and each treatment involved all the senses: colour, sound, scent and sensation (vibrations of the tuning forks through the body s meridians) and was an enjoyable, relaxing experience. Tim had different techniques to call upon (which he was happy to explain) to help mind and body let go and receive the healing vibrations.

I believe the Tama Do Treatments not only helped me avoid increasing medication but were one of the factors which enabled me to spontaneously come off antidepressant medication altogether, something I'd not considered myself strong enough to do for years. It was exactly what I wanted, a short course of therapy that would help bring about reall change. It has been challenging but the treatments also reminded me to use colour to help myself and along with paying attention to nutrition I have been able to make the transition I wanted.

Thank you Tim.