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MS LD - Kettering

posted 20 May 2016, 07:52 by Tim Elliston   [ updated 20 May 2016, 07:53 ]
I can completed this Mindfulness course twice, the second time around I have been able to relax more and allow myself to make the practices more part of my week. This time around I got the point and could see the stories I was making up for myself and the techniques helped me stop my old habits of thinking and doing. I have even been able to say 'no' to people without the guilt trip which I would so often put myself though.

I have looked at most of the areas of my life and drawn away from the things and people who that are not good for me and this has given me so much more time to spend on myself and doing the things I love to do, most of which I had stopped doing a long time ago.

I love the meditations, doing them as a group is extra special. I now meditate twice day and the 3 minute one is so handy whenever something triggers me and I fall back and need a quick way to centre myself and feel the now moment again.

All in all a brilliant course and a very compassionate and kind teacher. Thank you.